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Black Oval Geode & Emerald Earrings

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Gorgeous earrings created with natural emeralds and Geode agate Druzes set in sterling silver. The raw green emerald has natural uncut crystal facets and was mined In Chivor, Colombia and hand selected. These handmade earrings hang two long.

Attention Buyers: All of Jenstones items are handmade and hand finished therefore no two items are exactly the same or perfect. Each jewelry creation is a wearable piece of art. It’s not for everyone but we hope you find beauty in the imperfections. Mucho Amor and the highest quality sterling silver is used for piece.

Shipping: From a small town in Costa Rica, may take 3-4 weeks for delivery. If an item is out of stock it may take 4 weeks to recreate plus shipping time. We will do our best to stay in touch and get your order to you as soon as possible.