Druzy December - What is Druzy?

What is Druzy?
Also known as Drusy, Druze, or Druse. 
Druzy stones are gemstones which, through a natural occurrence have formed a layer of crystallization on the surface of the stone. Over the course of millions of years the druzy quartz gems grow slowly and are found as the very last layer of growth on agate or another colorful base which makes it have an appearance of crystalized sparkling sugar on the outer rind of the stone. Because these are natural gemstones and the layer of crystal druzy is not man made, each piece is unique. 
Quartz is one of my favorite stones to work with because it is so versatile and comes in so many difference types, shapes, and colors, however, a 'Druzy' stone does not always refer to quartz. Druzy is any kind of mineral found in a plate-like form, such as garnets, calcite, dolomite and malachite. Common colors are white, yellow, brown, red, and orange. Druzy style beads are great for centerpieces in pendants. While they look sparkly and delicate, druzy quartz is a fairly durable gem.
We hope that this holiday season you find the piece that sparkles just the way you like going into 2022! 
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