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A Sprinkle of Amethyst

The adornment and use of Amethyst goes way back, named by the ancient Greeks, the word Amethyst meant “to prevent drunkenness”.  The deep purple stone was associated with Bacchus, the Greek God of wine.  Drinking vessels were carved out of Amethyst and the Romans believed it would make you faithful. “Pass me the amethyst gobblet honey and poor me some wine, I don’t want to get drunk and do anything crazy tonight”, OPA!!

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Wayuu Mochila Hand Bags

It was love at first sight with the Wayuu Mochilas.  Nina explained how the bags were handmade by an indigenous tribe run by woman who lived near the sea in northern Colombia.  I imagined the Wayuu as a tribe of mermaids, hand weaving these intricate bags🧜‍♀️ in their matriarchal society, running the show and telling the men folk what to do.  

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