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A Sprinkle of Amethyst

The adornment and use of Amethyst goes way back, named by the ancient Greeks, the word Amethyst meant “to prevent drunkenness”.  The deep purple stone was associated with Bacchus, the Greek God of wine.  Drinking vessels were carved out of Amethyst and the Romans believed it would make you faithful. “Pass me the amethyst gobblet honey and poor me some wine, I don’t want to get drunk and do anything crazy tonight”, OPA!!

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Blue Topaz - Jen's Stone of the month for December

Blue TopazWhere in the world: USA, Russia, Mexico, India, Australia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Myanmar, GermanyChakra: Throat Third EyePlanet: Sun, JupiterZodiac sign: Sagittarius Birthstone month: DecemberMarriage anniversaries: 4th and 19thBlue topaz is a great stone for meditation and to wear. According to ancient beliefs, blue topaz promotes creative inspiration, learning, understanding, and peaceful communication. Known as the "Jewel of Love and loyalty" Blue topaz represents eternal romance and friendship. It connects truth and wisdom, strengthens third eye and throat chakras to assist in verbalization of thoughts and feelings.

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Citrine-Jen's Stone of the Month

CitrineWhere in the world: Brazil, Russia, France, Madagascar, UK, & USA Chakra: Cleanses all and reenergizes allPlanet: SunZodiac sign: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra Birthstone: November The name citrine comes from the Greek word meaning 'citron' because it resembles a citrus fruit. It is believed to carry the healing properties of the sun, bringing optimism, cheerfulness and creativity. Known as a merchants stone, it helps attract abundance and wealth. Try wearing a piece of citrine jewelry to bring abundance into your life, or carry a stone in your wallet. Citrine is energizing and good for balancing chakras because it doesn't accumulate negative energy, but dissipates and transmutes it to help work out problems.      The bracelet and necklace shown above...

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