September is for Sapphire

Sapphire (sappheiros, Greek = Blue) has been symbol of love, royalty, faith, and wisdom throughout history.

Here’s a few interesting highlights of this beautiful blue gem stone that also comes in a rainbow 🌈 of colors:

The jewel of the Greek sun God, Apollo, it was thought to give wisdom and was worn when consulting the oracle at Delphi.

Helen of Troy owned a large Sapphire which was believed to hold the key to her desirability.

The ancient Persians were like “Sapphire Earthers”.  They believed the Earth was balanced on a giant Sapphire and the blue sky was a reflection of Heaven.  

King Solomon’s magical sapphire ring gave him the power to command demons, spirits, speak to animals and to seduce the Queen of Sheba. 

Buddhists believed Sapphire was calming and helped in prayer, meditation, and spiritual enlightenment.   Namaste 🙏

 In Christianity, Sapphire was a symbol of heavenly faith and even today the Pope gives Sapphire rings to newly appointed Cardinals.  

 In Medieval times, Sapphire was like a mood ring, used as a test for infidelity, thought to change color if worn by the unfaithful. I wonder how that worked out?

A symbol of love 💙 integrity, commitment and fidelity, Sapphire is traditionally given as an engagement ring and for the fifth and forty-fifth wedding anniversary.  

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