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September is for Sapphire

Sapphire (sappheiros, Greek = Blue) has been symbol of love, royalty, faith, and wisdom throughout history. Here’s a few interesting highlights of this beautiful blue gem stone that also comes in a rainbow 🌈 of colors: The jewel of the Greek sun God, Apollo, it was thought to give wisdom and was worn when consulting the oracle at Delphi. Helen of Troy owned a large Sapphire which was believed to hold the key to her desirability. The ancient Persians were like “Sapphire Earthers”.  They believed the Earth was balanced on a giant Sapphire and the blue sky was a reflection of Heaven.   King Solomon’s magical sapphire ring gave him the power to command demons, spirits, speak to animals and to...

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A Sprinkle of Amethyst

The adornment and use of Amethyst goes way back, named by the ancient Greeks, the word Amethyst meant “to prevent drunkenness”.  The deep purple stone was associated with Bacchus, the Greek God of wine.  Drinking vessels were carved out of Amethyst and the Romans believed it would make you faithful. “Pass me the amethyst gobblet honey and poor me some wine, I don’t want to get drunk and do anything crazy tonight”, OPA!!

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