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Jen Stone | Jenstones Jewelry & Nativa Gallery | Nosara, Costa Rica 

Jennifer Stone is known worldwide as the creative designer who produces the exquisite JenStones Jewelry Collection. Living in Nosara, Costa Rica, she loves to play guitar, surf, paint her dreams and play with precious gems. Her passions for traveling, music, and art flow together to inspire her jewelry designs, bringing the rhythms of nature close to your heart.

Brightening the world with its beauty, Jenstones makes the world a better place by supporting Fair Trade co-ops in Mexico and being a partner to numerous artistic and social welfare projects in Costa Rica. 

She strives to give back to the community and aims to empower women through her business practices.  

Designed to last a lifetime, she combines handmade sterling silver and gold with precious gems, pearls, fossils, and sea glass from around the world.