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Living in Costa Rica during COVID 19, Part 2

La Familia There are some slight cultural differences between Costa Ricans and Americans but their tight connections and love for family seems to be the thread that has kept them home and safe through this world pandemic. I was ready for my Dad, 71 and his wife Ellen to leave after their three month visit with us. Not to be mean, I love them but it was time for us to have the place to ourselves again, throw some fun dinner parties with friends, walk around the pool naked, etc. On the flip side, Maria Jose, my beautiful Costa Rican shop manager was scared to death about getting her grandparents or her sister’s new born baby sick. After some tears...

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Living in Costa Rica during COVID 19, Part 1

Its all about the waves... March 10th 2020, Nosara, Costa Rica was at peak high season. All of us with businesses were giving each other high fives for the best season we ever experienced. I had just made a quick trip to Colombia to re-stock my shop, Nativa Gallery, with emeralds and handmade muchillas. We had never seen so many people here, in the shops, on the beach, the hotels were full, construction and real estate were at an all time high. Forget about dinner without a reservation, the waves were pumping, it was noisy, busy, dusty and super profitable for this little tourist beach town. Things changed overnight. We celebrated my sons birthday on March 11th and I will...

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Shakra Lakra: Love, Joy, Peace, Bounty, Wisdom and Awe-Encompassing Radiance

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