Fertility Rites



Fertility rites were performed in early spring in ancient civilizations to ensure the fecundity of Mother Earth, and therefore the welfare of the tribe, people or civilization.  Often these rituals were reenacted by the alpha matriarchs.  They included provocative, even erotic, dancing, singing, drumming and performing.  The rites were intended to inspire and evoke procreation, beginning with fervent desire, and culminating with birth, the ultimate creation of new life.  Spring brings with it that urgency to breed; just watch all the bees out yonder pollinating and facilitating plant love! We humans also have an intensity to create: whether it is literal, as in a beautiful new human life; or figurative, as in a budding business venture, relationship, travel experience, adoption, a new house, a wedding....what better time to embrace that primal tide, quench your desire and bring fruition to your passion?  

Wear fabulously the fruits of your labors by donning this hand-crafted tribal tusk necklace. The necklace is made with sterling silver and turquoise colored howlite stone tusks.   The chain is adjustable to16-20 inches and has a turquoise stone finish on the end. Matching turquoise tusk earrings  also available. Just the perfect combination to get your mojo strumming and your hips swinging! 

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