WARNING: Aligning Your Chakras Can Be Dangerous

 Aligning your Chakras can be dangerous.  You have to be ready.  When you align your chakras, you run the risk of being wiser than your friends.  You may have to listen to their toils and tribulations and, although you know exactly how to solve their life riddle in a nanosecond, you will have to nod throughout their whole story without appearing smug.  Of course you must be ready for emotional fulfillment from your most remote and kooky relatives, clarity of intention, abundance in whatever form you seek, pronounced and illustrious sexual connections,  self-affirmation oozing out of your every pore, and  inspired serenity borne from an unhindered conduit to your spiritual source. 
Why is this dangerous, you may ask?  Remember Monty Python's The Life of Brian? The shoe scene?  What about when Forrest Gump started running?  When your chakras are aligned, you run the risk of becoming the most radiant sentient being most people have ever encountered.  Therefore, you will have admirers, followers, groupies, fans, papparazi, publicists, sponsors. You will fly dragons, tame unicorns, establish world peace and double rainbows will sprout each time your lovely foot touches the Earth. Too much?  Okay.  I guess that is why most of us aspire to Nirvana, but spend many lifetimes trying to arrive there.  The marksman/woman must aim high.
What better way to start or enhance your journey to becoming a metaphysical heavyweight contender than to adorn  yourself with these radiant Chakra 5 stone drop earrings? These earrings contain stones that correspond with 5 of the 7 chakra centers: rainbow moonstone, amethyst, blue topaz, peridot, and citrine all set in sterling silver.  The earrings are hree inches long, and include 10 faceted 6mm stones. Ommmmmm.

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