Pearls of Wisdom: A True Story



Pearls have magical transformative powers: their ability to take an irritant, encase it and convert it into a glistening jewel is a fantastic metaphor. A pearl's creation story is a case in point:  natural pearls form when a microscopic parasite enters a bivalve mollusk and settles inside the shell.  Irritated by the intruder, the mollusk forms a pearl sac of external mantle tissue cells and secretes calcium carbonate and conchiolin to cover the irritant. This secretion process is repeated many times, thus producing the hardened pearl. Natural pearls come in many shapes; round ones are the exception, and are therefore the most rare.

Traditionally, pearls are given for graduation, confirmation, nuptials, those big milestone ceremonies, many of which occur in the balmy month of June.  These events in our lives are blessings, but are not often wrought and fulfilled without effort, perseverance and, dare I say, genuine angst and irritation.  If not for the rigor involved, the success may not be as succulent. Irritation is a funny thing; it can certainly serve to interrupt pleasure, and, in some cases, it can easily eclipse  joy altogether.  Some people seem to thrive on irritation or annoyance as their driving force in life, it becomes their modality. These people tend to become calcified by their own bitterness as they grow older. But then we have the elegant, iridescent, fantastic manifestation of  trepidation and struggle, a tangible representation of our surmounted irritations. The pearl symbolizes our innate ability to transform vexation into perfect, transcendent moments, or a disciplined practice of creating beauty, despite or, better yet, because of life's obstacles. 

 The Italian film director, Federico Fellini surmised, "All art is autobiographical; the pearl is the oyster's autobiography." Wear your pearls proudly. I am sure you have earned them.  The world is your oyster, after all!

Show here:  Jen Stone's Sterling Chain Necklace with White Pearls:  fine sterling silver wire and select genuine stones or fresh water pearls are delicately twisted together to create this lovely chain. The chain has a vintage feel and is designed to accent your favorite Jenstones pendant or may be worn by itself. The length is 18-20 inches with a sterling silver chain extension and  pearl finish on the end.

Also shown:  Jen Stone's Dangle Earrings with White Fresh Water Pearls :  timeless gifts from the sea, pearls represent innocence, faith and charity. These lovely fresh water pearl dangle earrings are set in sterling silver. Because each pearl is created by nature these earrings may differ slightly in shape, and texture. 


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