Infinity Links Us All


A fabulous, fortunate New Year to all!  I cannot think of a lovelier way to start the new year than by donning Jenstone's Infinity Links.  Simple, elegant, perfect.  The bohemian layering trend is still cool, but sometimes it is so beautifully understated to accessorize with one gorgeous piece or set. Jenstone's Infinity Links are pure sterling silver, hand- wrought and intricately designed.  This stunning 24 inch necklace is elegant with a black dress or easy going with blue jeans and boots. Jenstone's Infinity Bracelet is also available for a beautiful pairing.  The symbolism of the links is very Taoist: all things return to their beginning. Life is eternal, abundance and chi flows through us and to us all effortlessly, like water.  As Bruce Lee so eloquently put it : " It's not the daily increase but daily decrease.  Hack away at the unessential." Sometimes less is more.  Let this be your year to be resplendent in simple elegance. Cheers! 


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