A New Earth: Bronze, Sea Glass and Essential Oils



Jenstones Jewelry is proud to launch a subsidiary collection of jewelry entitled Freedom Rocks. The Freedom Rocks collection showcases natural sea glass, precious and semi precious stones, beautifully and expertly beveled in either bronze or tumbaga. Tumbaga is a Spanish name for an alloy of gold and copper that was used by indigenous artisans in Pre Colombian Mesoamerica and South America.

In his book A New Earth, Eckhart Tolle refers to this era in which we live as "the flowering of human consciousness". He posits that every life form on Earth has the ability to surpass it's current state of being and to become "enlightened".  Thus, a plant, in it's most heightened state of being, produces a flower, seed or fruit. Similarly, a simple rock encases gems. In keeping with this idea of transmutation inspired by divine presence in a willing vessel (mineral, vegetable, animal or human), Jenstones Freedom Rocks line encourages opportunities for expansion and inspiration on all possible levels. How? You may ask. Read on, Soul Traveler!

We have known all along that gemstones and the metals that display them are of the Earth, and that all of these creations are invested with obvious beauty, but also with powerful healing properties. For ages, adornment with jewels was a universally recognizable way of establishing social strata i.e. those with wealth could afford to adorn themselves with gemstones. However, alchemists and shamans utilized these same stones, as well as plants, for their medicinal value. Freedom Rocks encourages clients to be beautiful and healthy simultaneously. A tangible example of this may be saturating your Sea Glass ring, as shown in the photo, in essential oil, before wearing. Glass is made by smelting silica rich sand and limestone at very high temperatures. Sea Glass is then perfected naturally by being softened and colored by years on the ocean floor or being tossed in the waves.  The result is a creation of smooth, splendidly colored glass, which is also porous, allowing for the infusion of your favorite essential oil. In this manner of wearing, you are adorning yourself and, in so doing, honoring yourself. But you are also diffusing nurturing, volatile plant oils while expressing your beauty.

The sea glass in the bronze ring shown above was found off the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. This rare sea foam green sea glass ring is set with solid bronze.  Adjustable, one size fits most.  Bronze is a copper based true metal that has balancing and magnetic properties.  Bronze oxidises and tarnishes just like sterling silver so you may polish it with a soft cloth. Only $49!!

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