Larimar and September Blues (Saudades)

     Saudade is a Portuguese term that means a deep longing for some thing, some one, a time or a place that is gone and is still truly, deeply desired. More passionate than our English definition for nostalgia, saudade translates to the love that remains in one's heart and can no longer be manifested (at least in that respect).  For me, September heralds vivid memories of fantastic blue skies; gorgeous, cool beach weather and crisp nights. My love for this month is replete with tangible vestiges of childhood: a feeling of order and safety in a household on a school schedule.  Windows were left open to welcome the cool air and the crickets chirped children to sleep. September brought with it a general sense of well-being and coziness, of innocence and tranquility and home.
     Picture the intense blue of the September sky...the color retains the clear blue dream like state of passionate love, childhood innocence, wonder, unbridled joy, all of those amazing, yet ephemeral, components of this Bella Vita that do not remain. Like smoke, we behold them, we experience them, we may even be Zen enough to truly savor them, and then POOF...they evaporate into the space time continuum once more. We remember and long for those feelings that are just out of our reach.
    Larimar is a stone which seemingly captures the September sky. Larimar naturally occurs in the Dominican Republic. Natives thought it was a magical stone which was made in the Caribbean Sea, because it was found on the beaches. Larimar is said to contain a vibration that assists in clear communication, resonating within the throat chakra. This full harvest moon on September 16th, 2016, is also said to be pivotal in expressing truths, either by initiating intuitive dialogues with the Creator or via open communication with  other sentient beings.
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Larimar, druzy and blue topaz on a beautiful sterling silver chain that adjusts up to 20" inches long.  The center tear drop of larimar has a beautiful starburst of blue and white, the two druzies are sparkling with titanium and the large faceted blue topaz are 6x9mm.

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