Ommmm. You Are the Center of the Universe

Om is a mystical incantation recited at the beginning and end of the Hindu Vedas, Upanishads, and prayer passages. Om, to the best of transcribers' knowledge, means everything that exists in its optimal potential i.e. the essence of the Spiritual.  Chanting Om is like a vibrational tonic for practioners (as in yoga practice), and disciples of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism.  Om is the beginning and end of all states, theories, practice, consciousness.  Om is life, liberated!  Illuminate the world by shining this Sanskrit prayer symbol outwards! Shown above:  Sterling silver OM earrings, pendant and ring are finished to a smooth surface. Earrings dangle at 1.4 inches long.  Sold separately, or as a set, these pieces are beautiful reminders of the gravitas and poignancy of life. 
Shown below:  Sterling silver OM dangle earrings are created with a combination of genuine peridot, citrine and rubies. Earrings dangle at approximately two inches in length. 
From now until March 18th, 2017, use code OM15 to take 15% off all OM jewelry pieces.  Namaste from Jenstones Jewelry! 

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