Rock Your October with Dreamy Druzes!

Druzes are the glittery, crystal surfaces of geodes. Druzy is a German word that basically means gorgeous, glittery, and glamorous. What better time to put on the glitz than October for Druze Fest? Think of those chic film noir bomb shells like Marlena Dietrich, a statuesque blonde against stark black and white German Expressionist cinematic dramatization at its finest.  Prepare yourself for a retro glam holiday season with dreamy druzes splashing brilliance as the press pop off photos of you. Break out your satin gown, your faux fur and make your debut! 
Now, from October 10th through October 15th, 2016, take $15 off any spectacular piece of druze laden Jenstones Jewelry. Use coupon code:  dreamydruze15.  Free shipping always included.
This lovely druzy is plated with 24 KT gold surrounded by an adjustable sterling silver band, to fit most ring sizes. 
A gorgeous azure druzy set in sterling.  This druzy bedazzles with a range of colors from turquoise, indigo to deep purple.  Shown alone or with matching set of wrap bangle with blue druzy and blue topaz and blue druzy pendant for a breathtaking set!

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