Veni, Vidi, Vici

     Did you know that the month of July was actually named for Julius Caesar? Veni, Vidi, Vici is translated from Latin to mean "I came, I saw, I conquered". Caesar didn't play. Notably one of the most brilliant military strategists ever, Julius Caesar was responsible for destabilizing the status quo government of ancient Rome, centralized in what was then the Roman Republic.
After his victorious invasion of Britain via the English Channel and his intrepid crossing of the Rhine River, he expanded Roman territory into both Britain and Gaul (now Germany).  These conquests precipitated Caesar's ebullient rise to power and  allowed Caesar to implement many social and political reforms that still provide prototypes for our current governmental ideologies.  Caesar didn't stop there: he just up and revamped the calendar, henceforth entitling it the Julian Calendar with the month previously designated Quintilis by peoples in antiquity henceforth proclaimed July, after the month of Caesar's birth.
     After Caesar's assassination, and despite the ensuing civil wars, his adopted heir, Octavian, later known as Caesar Augustus, outranked all upstarts and nemeses, unifying  and ruling what is now regarded as the Roman Empire. What the Caesars did not know then is that they would much later inspire a nerdy,young film-maker named George Lucas who would assimilate conflicts and vernacular from the Empire and overlay it with a creative, science-fiction masterpiece called Star Wars. Hence, "The Empire Strikes Back". Yes, it most certainly does.
     In the words of Julius, "good reasons must, of course, give place to better".  What better reason to adorn yourself in hot, tuff power jewelry?  With kick-ass style, raise your flagon of Meade and celebrate the birth month of that Machiavellian military visionary by donning these gold vermeil power cuffs.  An adaptation of Jenstones classic  sterling silver wave cuff, this adjustable handmade cuff is carved in solid sterling silver with heavy 22kt gold plating (gold vermeil). The vermeil is strong, yet pliable so as to adjust to comfortably fit most wrist sizes.
     Now, rise, rise, all ye that would be cuffed, and go make conquest!  May the force be  with you.

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