Mochila Blue Hourglass Design Large Pom Pom Braid-Jenstones Jewelry
Mochila Blue Hourglass Design Large Pom Pom Braid-Jenstones Jewelry

Blue and Grey Hourglass Pom Pom Mochila

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This unique hand woven bag features a beautiful light blue, dark blue, grey and white geometric hourglass pattern with matching Pom Pom accents. This bag also features a dark blue draw string closure with matching tassel endings. 

Each Mochila is handmade in Colombia by women of the Wayuu Tribe. The Kaanas (woven designs) on these bags are passed down from generations of craftsmanship, each one carries a motif from their 5,000 year old oral history. The vividly colorful acrylic material is machine washable and fade resistant.

MATERIAL 100% Acrylic Thread

CARE Machine Washable

11"    Height (bag)
9"  Diameter (Bottom/Adjustable Opening)
10" Length (Strap Drop)
.75"  Width (Strap)
2" Diameter (Pom Poms)

ATTENTION: All of Jenstones items are handmade and hand finished therefore no two items are exactly the same. Each creation is a wearable piece of art. The highest quality materials are used to craft each piece.

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