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Geode and Amethyst Grande Pendant

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Wearable art from the earth.  This pendant is a magnificent slice of amethyst geode stalactite combined with a raw amethyst crystal point set in sterling silver.  These unique slices of amethyst crystal and geode display the natural crystals of the stones to create a stunning sterling silver pendant. This stunning pendant drops over three inches long.  One of a kind.

Attention Buyers: All of Jenstones items are handmade and hand finished therefore no two items are exactly the same or perfect. Each jewelry creation is a wearable piece of art. It’s not for everyone but we hope you find beauty in the imperfections. Mucho Amor and the highest quality sterling silver is used for piece.

Shipping: From a small town in Costa Rica it takes 3-4 weeks. If an item is out of stock it may take 4 weeks to recreate plus shipping time. We will do our best to stay in touch and get your order to you as soon as possible.