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Jenstones welcomes you to our Nation's Capital November 17-18

HOLIDAY JEWELRY TRUNK SHOW with JENNIFER STONESaturday & SUNDAY,  November 17,  18  2012      12am - 6pm ZENITH GALLERY AT CHEVY CHASE PAVILION5335 Wisconsin Ave. NWWashington DC 20015Level 2 next to Embassy Suites Hotel Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 12-6 pm Or by Appointment  |  art@zenithgallery.com202.783.2963

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The Mystery of Mermaids

  Mermaids enchant us and symbolize love, beauty, sensuality, and mystery. These sea goddesses represent wild freedom, rebellious sprits and ferocious independence.   Myths depict mermaids with luscious alluring voices; all those in contact with mermaids are subject to their charms. Mermaids are elusive because they know the hearts of men and are legendary for only appearing to the true of heart.  They only appear during magical moments, in the light of moon (which they hold sacred) or durring the hours of dawn or dusk.  Mermaids help our hearts and passion overrule the analytical mind so we can find ourselves in a sea of dreams.   Adorn yourself with Jenstones Mermaid rings, pendants and earrings and bring the mystery close to your...

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Welcome to our online store!

Jenstones is excited to announce the launch of our online store, featuring creations set in sterling silver with precious stones, pearls, fossils, shells, and sea glass from around the world. Artist & Jeweler Jennifer Stone is known worldwide as the creative designer who produces the JenStones Jewelry Collection. Inspired by the ocean, Jenstones Jewelry brings the rhythms of nature close to your heart. Jennifer designs each of her handcrafted pieces with passion and attentiveness to the individual stones she selects. Brightening the world with its beauty, Jenstones makes the world a better place by supporting Fair Trade co-ops in Mexico and being a partner to numerous artistic and social welfare projects in Costa Rica. Pardon our store while we begin to...

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